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August 8th, 2020
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Give your car that showroom finish this Spring

Winter is almost over and our cars are looking a bit grubby from all the salt and dirt from the roads. But instead of cleaning your car yourself, why not have it professionally cleaned and valeted with Rhondda Valet.

Based in Porth, Rhondda Valet are a small team with over 5 years experience and aims to make your car look like it’s just rolled out of the showroom. Making sure to treat your car as if it was one of their own. Rhondda Valet provides a range of services from a mini valet to a full interior and exterior valeting.

Rhondda Valet make sure that they use the best products for your car including Autoglym, Auto Smart, Swiss Wax, Super Guard and Silver Seal to name but a few. Giving your car that long-lasting valet at excellent value for money.

If your car has some nasty, dings or scratches from debris on the road, the team at Rhondda Valet can easily get your car in and polish the scratches out, making it look brand new.

Appointments aren’t always necessary, however, it is advised that you do book for anything larger than a Mini Valet as the Full Valet services are usually very popular with both businesses and the local community.

If you want to find out more about Rhondda Valet’s Services, take a look at their profile here 



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